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Our firm was named after and inspired by Hypatia of Alexandria, the last person to manage the great library of Alexandria before it was destroyed by a mob, one of history's most tragic disasters. To our knowledge, only one of the sites listed below deals with the history of Hypatia of Alexandria. Further information can be found on the web by use of a suitable search engine, as can references to books on the subject.

Hypatia Press: 23 February 2005: A book publisher in Eugene, Oregon. Email Hypatia@Teleport.com. Hypatia Press doesn't seem to have a web site.

Hypatia.org and Hypatia-Lovers.com: 25 November 2005: Noncommercial sites by Khan Amore, author of "Hypatia", a recent historical science-fiction novel about Hypatia of Alexandria. (We note a glowing review of the book on Amazon.com.) Provides historical information about Hypatia and ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian cultures. For mature audiences only - the material is very frank, controversial, occasionally intense, and includes text with strong sexual content, so some will find it quite offensive. Features include:

° Course in ancient Greek philosophy, based on Khan Amore's research notes for his novel "Hypatia" (free download).
° Maps of the ancient world (free downloads).
° Rarely seen illustrations from the German translation of Charles Kinglsey's 19th Century novel, "Hypatia", among others (free downloads).
° A technical section indicates where to find Hypatia's crater on the moon, plus mature subjects.
° Interesting tidbits about the ancient world.

From the author: "... though the novel is an historical science fiction adventure, and does not pretend to be purely biographical, years of research have gone into making every verifiable detail of the story fit the known facts, as revealed by ancient accounts. Even the dialogues of Synesius of Cyrene and Saint Augustine as they appear in the novel are in many cases actual verbatim quotes of these men, taken from their extant writings. Among its many other controversial features, the web site offers point-by-point rebuttal to Maria Dzielska's ... depictions of the great woman in her "Hypatia of Alexandria" ... which have so far gone unchallenged and seem poised to become the last authoritative word on the subject."

Portions of the sites are still under construction. Email Webmaster@Hypatia.org or Webmaster@Hypatia-Lovers.com.

Hypatia Shoes, at INeedShoes.com: 2 April 2005: A speciality footwear retailer in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Voice: 1-888-Hypatia (1-888-497-2842). Email Assistance@INeedShoes.com, or use their web site message board.

HypatiaInc.com: 17 January 2008: Owned by Hypatia Inc., but obsolete. Redirected to this site. This domain will be retained by Hypatia Inc. for at least six years because of it's previous use in permanent product nomenclature and associated printed support documents.

Hypatia.biz: 17 January 2008: Evidently no such domain.

Hypatia.net: 17 January 2008: Seems to provide some very limited Hypatia search engine results.

Hypatia.ws: 17 January 2008: Evidently no such domain.

Hypatia.ca: 17 January 2008: Evidently a personal holding page. Ultimate nature unknown.

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